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2018-2019 Cotillion Summer Sign Up Specials!

Happy Summer!
Sign up early for 2018-2019 Cotillion with tuition discounts! We have a different tuition discount summer special each month. (The Middle School Class was half-filled in June!)
Please see the Sign Up Page for details. Classes begin 9/10/18. Class dates, times and menus are listed on the Class Schedules Page.
It is an honor to serve the youth of our community.
Kind Regards,
Mariann & Mark

Spring Session Finale!

Our Cotillion classes at the Hilton Scotts Valley/Santa Cruz and the Best Western/Aptos Seacliff Inn recently enjoyed a formal 4-course dinner and dance class! The students put into practice the polite dinner conversations and good table manners they learned in the dining etiquette tutorials this spring! The students will demonstrate the Waltz, ChaCha, Swing and Electric Slide Line Dance at the upcoming final spring class: the Parent Show Party! This will be a special evening, where the students invite a parent/grandparent/guest to dance the Waltz and Swing!

Our Social Education Business Integrity

Our business identity represents integrity and respect. We teach girls that they deserve to be treated with respect, and encourage boys how to treat a lady with respect. Our goal is to build confidence in every student, to teach the values of self-respect, respect for others and social courtesies.  We are dedicated to our students and hope to be a positive influence in “Creating Young Adults.” Unfortunately, someone has stolen our logo (we have all rights reserved) and is misrepresenting our reputable business name, using it on the internet to scam women by ‘selling’  “Coast dresses” to them, taking their money, but not delivering on the promised transaction. Coast Stores is an actual dress store in London. We are saddened by this internet crime against us and these women, and have reported the other website ( or .net) to the FBI, FTC and the international, and to Coast Stores London.  We hope this matter is resolved quickly, that the victims will be reimbursed for fraud, the offense stop and offenders held accountable. Our good name will stand on its integrity.

Mariann & Mark Eichhorn

Sign up for Cotillion at the Scotts Valley Hilton!

We had a wonderful introductory class last night at the Hilton! Polite young ladies and gentlemen practiced good manners while learning the Swing and Waltz! We are extending the early-sign-up-discount another week! Class size is limited, sign up now! Next class is January 23rd, when our dining etiquette focus will be a cup of soup, and we will continue learning classy ballroom dances!

Happy New Year!

The Middle School and High School Hilton Cotillion early sign-up discount will be extended another week! $10 off the 5-class tuition! Refer-a-friend and family $10 rebate, too! Build confidence in social skills and dining etiquette you will use the rest of your life!

Haven of Hope Etiquette Classes

Looking forward to another fun dining etiquette class with Haven of Hope! In our March dining etiquette class, we reviewed table manners and polite dinner conversation. The lovely young ladies were so gracious to welcome me into their home! After dinner, we moved the furniture aside in the living room, put on our white cotillion gloves, and danced the night away! Next month, we will enjoy our Tea Etiquette Class at Bloomsbury Tea Room! For more information about, or to make a donation to Haven of Hope Homes, please go to

We’re in Spring Cotillion Classes!

We have resumed Spring Cotillion classes at Seacliff Inn! The poised and polite young ladies and gentlemen are looking sharp dancing the Waltz, ChaCha, Swing, Tango, Rumba, Fox Trot and Electric Slide! They respectfully introduce themselves to the parent chaperones and dance partners during every class, with friendly eye contact, firm handshake, and clear speaking voice! Cotillion builds confidence and courtesy, and these students show it! As we review dining etiquette, cotillion students present perfect posture, good table manners, and offer each other kind complements! The parents will be so pleased at the Parent Party in March!

Middle School Cotillion
Middle School Cotillion

Middle School Classes
6:30-7:30pm Mondays



High School Cotillion Holiday Dinner-Dance

High School “Get Ready for Prom!”
7:45-8:45pm Mondays

Attend Aptos High January Ballroom Dance Classes for Winter Ball Ticket Discount!

APTOS HIGH STUDENTS: Attend Ballroom Dance Classes during lunch in the Warmerdam Gym  Thursdays in January and February 3rd to get a major DISCOUNT on your WINTER BALL TICKETS!  Join the Cotillion class at Seacliff Inn now for a special rate!  Happy Holidays Special Rate! The Spring Session for High School Cotillion Class special is $100.00 for a limited time! It’s not too late to join the Middle School/Jr. High Cotillion Classes! Call for more information 831-688-5678. Cotillion Classes make a great gift!

College Cotillion Thanksgiving Holiday Dinner/Dance

Sign up for the College Cotillion Thanksgiving Holiday Dinner/Dance Class! Friday, November 26, 2010 6:00-8:00pm at The Palm Deli in Aptos.  Review dining etiquette during the dinner, then have some fun ballroom dancing!  Men: wear nice pants, shirt, shoes and ties.  If you don’t know how to tie a tie, we’ll show you how!  Ladies: wear a classy dress/skirt, comfortable dancing shoes (no flip flops or tennis shoes, closed-toe and low heel is best) and white gloves.  If you need gloves, buy a pair at class for $5.00.

First Class FREE and Dinner Discount for Parents Oct. 11, 2010

Bring a friend for a free Cotillion class Monday Oct. 11, 2010 at Seacliff Inn, Aptos!  Parents, enjoy 25% off dinner at Severino’s Grill while your child attends class!  Cotillion class for 5th-8th graders 6:30-7:30pm, and High School/College-age 7:45-8:45pm.  Former Cotillion students will demonstrate some of the dances, then we will begin Cotillion!  Please RSVP at 688-5678 so we can be sure to have enough refreshments.  Or, email your RSVP for the free class on the Contact Page.

September Sign-up Special!

Sign up to reserve your place in a class!  First class is FREE!  Parents~enjoy 25% off dinner at Severino’s Grill while your child attends class!  Fill in the Sign Up page with your child’s name and your contact information. Feel free to call 688-5678 or email on the Contact page if you have any questions.  Pay in advance guarantees a reservation in class, with a rebate (for the first class) and dinner gift certificate given at the first class.