My favorite memory in Cotillion was the end of the year dance where the parents of all the kids would come. I liked teaching my mom how to do the ChaCha and my dad to do the basic box step. I’m very glad I learned Cotillion because it helped improve my manners and I know a lot more dances. In Cotillion, I enjoyed dancing with everybody. Rather than having just one dance partner, I got to learn how to dance with different people.
~Sincerely, Jesse (6th Grade Cotillion student)

What I liked most about your classes was the reinforcement of self-confidence in Jesse of doing the right thing. He held his head up high during the dances, even when he wasn’t sure what to do. It was so great for us to see Jesse receive his sixth-grade diploma, while shaking hands AND looking at the staff with direct eye contact. That spoke directly to the wonderful lessons that he learned from you and your classes.
~Best regards, Ellen (Middle School parent)

It is evident that the students who go through your classes gain self-confidence through the practice of greetings and introductions in every class. When they speak to adults, they are respectful, polite and assertive. This is such a great program for young people!
~Sincerely, Karen A. (Middle School through High School Cotillion parent)

The confidence which Mrs. Eichhorn gives our students, the skill with which she teaches, the passions and patience which she displays in the classroom, and the enjoyment our students express toward the class have been a remarkable boon for our student body.  The success she has had in her class has continued to grow her class attendance. Word of mouth from student to student and encouragement from parents have both made her class one of the most popular. She is an incredibly successful teacher, and dedicated to her classes. The knowledge that she has given our students, and the self-control and elegance that they have subsequently shown has done much in encouraging support of the class. The overall asset Mariann Eichhorn brings to our school is remarkable.
~Sincerely, Troy Martin (Vice Principal, Green Valley Christian School)


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