Parents are invited to attend the class finale to see the progress of their young adults, and to dance with their son/daughter at the Family Show Party.  Parents are required to walk their 5th-8th grade son/daughter to the Banquet Room door for check-in and personally pick up for check-out at the end of class.

Parents are asked to sign up to participate in the Chaperone Receiving Line once during the 7-class course.  Parents will form the receiving line and greet the students as they enter and leave the banquet room. Greeting students takes a few minutes. The students introduce themselves to the adults with friendly eye contact, handshakes, clear speaking voice and a smile! Throughout the class time, students change partners in the dance circle, greeting & introducing themselves to one another.

Greetings and Introductions in the Receiving Line
Students gain confidence as they introduce themselves to Parent Greeters in the Receiving Line
Building confidence in greetings & introductions!
Students build confidence with a handshake, eye contact, and smile in Greetings & Introductions!
Mother-Son Waltz at the 2011 Parent Show Party!
Mother-Son Waltz at the 2011 Family Show Party!
Luke dances the waltz with his mother
Luke dances the Waltz with his mother at the 2010 Family Show Party
Jr. High students dance the Waltz with parents at the Family Party