Daily Archives: January 14, 2012

Our Social Education Business Integrity

Our business identity represents integrity and respect. We teach girls that they deserve to be treated with respect, and encourage boys how to treat a lady with respect. Our goal is to build confidence in every student, to teach the values of self-respect, respect for others and social courtesies.  We are dedicated to our students and hope to be a positive influence in “Creating Young Adults.” Unfortunately, someone has stolen our logo (we have all rights reserved) and is misrepresenting our reputable business name, using it on the internet to scam women by ‘selling’  “Coast dresses” to them, taking their money, but not delivering on the promised transaction. Coast Stores is an actual dress store in London. We are saddened by this internet crime against us and these women, and have reported the other website (womendresses-uk.org or .net) to the FBI, FTC and the international ecommerce.gov, and to Coast Stores London.  We hope this matter is resolved quickly, that the victims will be reimbursed for fraud, the offense stop and offenders held accountable. Our good name will stand on its integrity.

Mariann & Mark Eichhorn